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A better way to record, track, and chart changes to your blood pressure.


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What Vitals Provides

  • EASIER TRACKING Vitals allows for quick and easy entry of blood pressure data. From the home screen, use the Home Screen 3D Touch shortcuts to add a reading. Entering the systolic reading, diastolic reading, and optional heart rate value is just a tap away.
  • REMINDERS Never forget to take your recommend blood pressure readings. Simply select a time, then the days the notifications should recur on. Vitals will take care to gently remind you when it's time to take a reading.
  • APPLE WATCH APP Vitals includes a companion Apple Watch app that will let you easily record your blood pressure readings on the go, and give you helpful stats such as the latest reading and the averages from the past 5 and 10 days.
  • SHARE WITH DOCTOR Blood pressure readings are an important piece of evidence of your overall health and wellbeing. Being able to share these results with your physician makes all the difference in a diagnosis. With Vitals, you can easily export your readings to a PDF that can be AirPrinted, Emailed, Airdropped or iMessaged to your physician.

Works with Apple's HealthKit

Whether you're recording blood pressure results from a smart blood pressure monitor, or an old fashioned one, Vitals can keep all of your data in sync via HealthKit. All data entered through Vitals is added directly to the Health app on your iPhone and can be read by other apps you give access to. In addition, Vitals can also read data from the Health app recorded by smart blood pressure monitor devices.

Vitals Features


    View a graph in portrait or landscape showing your blood pressure data over a Week, Month, or Year.

    Export your readings to PDF and print, iMessage, or Email them to your physician.

    Get reminded when it's time to check your blood pressure. Vitals will send your iPhone or Apple Watch a push notification based on your preferences.

    Using a HealthKit smart blood pressure monitor means that your readings will automatically be added to Vitals.

    Record and view statistics on the go with the companion Apple Watch app.

    View the calendar instead of the graph to get summaries about your blood pressure readings, including what the readings mean.

Vitals Screenshots

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